October 2019 Newsletter

Welcome new and returning students to IDA. What a great time it’s been so far! I’m so excited to be dancing with you and/ your kids. #Blessed Dance is medicine for the body, mind, and soul. It makes me so happy to share it with friends. In this newsletter I’d like to go over some rules and policies.  Class time

The curtain will be closing! Be prepared as this is for the benefit of the dancer. (Less distraction.) 

The restroom in the back is for dancers only. Please do not come back with your child when classes are in session. Please come to dance on time with correct clothes already on and hair pulled back. Ballet- leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes Jazz/Tap- black tap/Jazz shoes (no jeans) comfortable/ moveable dance wear Hiphop- dry, clean tennis shoes. comfortable/ moveable dance  (no jeans)  Payments: Due 25th of every month ( November payment Due Oct 25th) Late Fee: $10 late fee if not paid by the 1st Invoices will be emailed every month. Auto pay is set up for the 25th of the month 

Halloween- No classes on October 31st. Happy Halloween! Any questions, concerns or comments I’m always a call or text away with in normal business hours. 

Happy Dancing

Eva Chavez