January Newsletter

Welcome all new and returning students. We here at IDA hope everyone had a wonderful break with lots of love and joy for the Holidays. Its time for us to get back to dance and start the new year with new goals. One of my personal goals for this year is to be a better teacher for each student. I have been looking for new courses I can take this year and have read many articles on the topic. Heres to this year being better then last.

As we start classes Mon. 8th of January I would like to go over some of the rules for dancers and the observers we have during class. We do have a dress code here at the studio and each student is required to participate with the proper shoes and clothing for each class. The dress code is designed so teachers can see the dancer’s body lines, including posture, arms, legs and feet. Dancers will get the most out of their classes when the dress code is followed.

Ballet- hair in a bun, any color leotard is fine. Must wear tights and a skirt is optional and must have ballet shoes.

Tap- Hair up and out of face can wear jazz/yoga pants (anything stretchy) no jeans, no baggy clothes with black Tap shoes

Jazz- Hair up and out of face can wear jazz/yoga pants (anything stretchy) no jeans, no baggy clothes with black jazz shoes.

HipHop- Hair up and out of face can wear jazz/yoga pants, sweats (anything stretchy) no jeans, no baggy clothes with any tennis shoes (no boots)

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First couple weeks of classes we will go over class rules and dance edict for the dancers.

For observers or anyone not dancing it is very important to not talk to the students taking class. Please be respectful and talk quietly if you have to but otherwise try and remain silent throughout the entire class. This could really make a difference in the learning of your child.

Some things to look forward to this month are "Bring your friend to dance week". Last week of January dancers are welcome to bring in a friend to take class with them. This is free to them and is not mandatory. Bring a friend January 29th - February 1st. All dancers are welcome to bring 1 friend for a special dance class!

The studio is growing and I would like to start a parent committee. This group of individuals would have meetings and discuss ways to improve, help with events, think of fundraisers for the the tuition or costumes costs and express concerns of parents. Let me know if you are interested.