'Tis the season to be jolly

December tuition

Due to the fact we only have 2 weeks this month for classes payments are only $25. Payments must be made in full to perform at recital.

Picture Time

Picture day is scheduled for Saturday Dec. 16. Times will be different for each class. Look below for times

11 AM (Saturday 10AM Preschool Ballet)

1130 AM (Thursday 630PM Preschool Ballet)

12 PM (Tuesday 430 PM Preschool Hiphop)

1230PM (Monday 430 Preschool Ballet)

1PM (Thursday 11 AM Preschool Tap)

130 PM (Monday 530 PM Tap)

2 PM (Tuesday 530 PM Ballet )

215 PM (Tuesday 630 Hiphop)

230 PM (Wednesday 430 Jazz)

315 PM (Wednesday 6 PM Hiphop)

345 PM ( Thursday 530 PM Tap/Jazz )

4 PM (Wednesday 7 PM Hiphop)

Dress Rehearsal / Recital

Dress rehearsal is Tues. December 19 @ Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley @6

  • Dancers must arrive no later the 5:30 PM. No parents will be allowed in the auditorium.

  • Dancers must arrive in costume with the proper shoes and tights.

Recital is Wednesday Dec. 20 @ 6 PM and 730 PM

-Admission is $9.75 for adults, $6.75 for seniors, and $3.75 for students and free for kids 3 and under.

  • If you would like to go to both shows you must purchase 2 tickets.

  • Tickets can be purchased through www.InspireDanceAcademy.com or @ the ticket office in the Civic Center

- We will have a snack table please bring something to share on recital day.

Please I would love to hear some feedback on how we are doing. This is all a learning experience for us and we would like to keep improving. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please let me now.

Good or bad its all appreciated!

Registration for 2018 is Open

Mondays Tuesdays

Time Class Ages Time Class Ages

4:30 Preschool Ballet/Tap ages 3-5 4:30 Preschool Jazz/Hiphop ages 3—5

5:30 Level 2 Ballet/Tap Ages 6-8 5:15 Level 2 Ballet/Jazz ages 8-12

6:30 Level 1 Ballet/Tap Ages 9-12 6:00 Level 1 Ballet/Jazz ages 6-8

7:00 Level 1 Jazz/Tap ages 9-12

Wednesdays Thursdays

Time Class Ages Time Class Ages

4:30 Level 2 Ballet/Jazz Ages 6-8 4:30 Level 1 Tap/Jazz Ages 8-12

5:15 Hiphop Ages 6-8 5:30 Level 2 Jazz/Tap Ages 8-12

6:00 Hiphop Ages 9-12 6:30 Preschool Ballet/Tap ages 3-5

7:00 Hiphop Ages 13+

Make sure to sign up now for next years classes! No registration for returning students! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Also have A wonderful and safe New Year!!!