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6 Week Summer Course 

Starts June 20th 

Dance Education beginning in early childhood and continuing though out life benefits the mind, body and soul. We are dedicated to bring a stress free space for students to learn and enjoy the art of dance. Offering classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hiphop, and Acro for ages 3+ for recreational and competitive dancers.

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Young Ballet Class

Minis - Ballet/Tap  Our dance classes are  offered for children ages 3-5.  We incorporate an even mix two types of dance over the 45 minute class. At IDA we begin classes with warm-ups and stretching exercises with fun activities to expand the imagination of little boys and girls. This is the opening at the gate way for life long passions. It sparks their creative side and they make precious memories along the way.   

Ballet helps students develop an awareness of body placement, coordination, poise, balance, flexibility, agility, and strength.  Students who enjoy taking other styles of dance (such as jazz, tap, or hip hop) will benefit from taking ballet. For serious ballet students, it is imperative that they add additional hours of weekly ballet training, as they advance, to see continued progress. 


Tap is all about rhythm...primarily with your feet! Students will start with the basics. Over time, they will develop an ability to tap in advanced arrangements of sounds using a variety of steps and techniques.



Dance Attire-  leotard, tights, and pink ballet shoes with hair tied back in a bun for girls.  For boys shorts or tights and t-shirt with black ballet slippers

Dance Attire-  Same as Jazz


Our hip hop classes focus on musicality, dynamics, and technique. Students will do warm-ups, progressions, and learn routines to strengthen their choreography retention. We focus on isolations and patterns for visual effectiveness along with having fun and learning to express one’s self through dance moves. Age appropriate choreography and music is used in all classes!*We STRONGLY encourage hip-hop students to enroll in technique classes so their training is well rounded and complete.


Dance Attire- Dance/athletic apparel is fine. No jeans or anything baggy. Tennis shoes are fine.

Located in the Greeley Mall



Two Recitals a year 


We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about individual courses and instructors at Inspire Dance Academy. Stop by the office or drop us a line.

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